Sunday, June 7, 2009

A sorry note 2 my babe

About a month ago someonoe who means soooooo damn much 2 me stopped talking 2 me.
the reason she stopped talking 2 me was bcuz she saw and read things that she didnt like and thought that i was out 2 play her. i wasnt but i completely understand y she felt that way. everyday after she stopped talking 2 me everything lost its.....touch. i just couldnt get in the groove of things. i cant even explain how much i missed her. she means so much 2 me. its weird. i try so hard 2b robotic and shut my heart off towards everyone. but she always finds a way 2 make me human again. lol. i still have in the heart that i put in when she asked me 2. just 4 her.
Danira im sorry. i let my ego control me. and that was a big mistake. i thought i was big man on campus but then when u let i realized that im like the school geek without u.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Food 4 thought......

"Me and my ego, and he go wherever we go. My ego is, my imaginary friend. He was with me when, i was only imagining"