Sunday, June 7, 2009

A sorry note 2 my babe

About a month ago someonoe who means soooooo damn much 2 me stopped talking 2 me.
the reason she stopped talking 2 me was bcuz she saw and read things that she didnt like and thought that i was out 2 play her. i wasnt but i completely understand y she felt that way. everyday after she stopped talking 2 me everything lost its.....touch. i just couldnt get in the groove of things. i cant even explain how much i missed her. she means so much 2 me. its weird. i try so hard 2b robotic and shut my heart off towards everyone. but she always finds a way 2 make me human again. lol. i still have in the heart that i put in when she asked me 2. just 4 her.
Danira im sorry. i let my ego control me. and that was a big mistake. i thought i was big man on campus but then when u let i realized that im like the school geek without u.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Food 4 thought......

"Me and my ego, and he go wherever we go. My ego is, my imaginary friend. He was with me when, i was only imagining"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i just want 2 ask......

WHO AM I? cuz i damn sure dnt really knw @ this point

Friday, May 15, 2009

I wanna thank God 4.......

My parents, those 2 ppl get on my damn nerves but they've molded me n2 the man i am 2day

my siblings, we've had 10000's of adventures and ready 2 have 100000's more

Everyone thats been involved with my company

Blogger, myspace, facebook, the internet. it helped boom my biz

Cookie, u came outta nowhere and now mean more 2 me than any other girl

All of my teachers that had my back and looked out 4 me even when i wasnt looking after myself

my CLOSE friends, the 1's that were there 24/7 when i needed yall

i wanna thank God 4 my life, cuz u know that if Joan wouldnt have chosen 2 keep me that i wouldnt be here rite now and none of this would have happened.

preciate it God

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My tattoo is gonna b DOPE!

u wanna know wats hard?

wats hard is falling in love with someone and holding back saying "i love u" bcuz ur afraid 2. SUCKS DOESNT IT?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I miss.....



YESSS! my moms isn't trippin [as much] now. finally, after this weekend i should b strait again.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Im kinda....confused so 2 speak

mmk. i really like her. like i REALLY like her. she'ss the dopest, funniest, cutest, smartest girl ever. she's really growing on me. i care about her. not like "hope u dont die" but like "i think about u all the time and i never want u 2 hurt" care. we talk everyday and nite. i even stay on til she's asleep. im.....falling n love with her...GASP i know. but yeah i am. after my x i tried 2 make sure that i would never fall 4 anyone again. but i cant help it. she's perfect. im just wondering if im falling 2 fast. idk. give me a sign. lol we'll i guess i just have 2 wait n c. I CANT WAIT 2 GO HOME 2 NY!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Falling Hard and Fast

watup humans! like after my last relationship i told myself that i wasnt gonna do that love thing. that i was just gonna focus 100% on my line and not get involved with anyone. that went out the drain! lol i cant even help it. she's EVERYTHING that i coulda asked 4. its 2 the point where we talk everynite, and i cant sleep well unless im able 2 talk 2 her. i even stay on til she falls asleep cuz i feel comfortable knowing that she's good. so basically wat im tryna say is falling 4 her hard and fast

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ignore it....

Mmk. as ya'll knw my ex and i have been separate 4 about 4ever and a day. ive been feeling pretty good cuz ive moved on....or @least i thought i did. here's the thing. i moved on, im currently involved with a girl that strait captivates me, and everything in my life is going pretty good. but i find myself being jealous of my ex talk, hugged up on, flirting with, and being with other dudes. Am i rite 4 feelin like that? yes i miss her. im not gonna front. but like i dont know y im jealous. i guess its cuz i have 2b around her everyday and i have 2 actually C her with the other guys. and i think VISUALLY im jealous but emotionally im not really. something that ive started 2 do is just ignore everything. if i c something that upsets me then i just turn away and divert my attention. most of the time it works. but sometimes it doesnt. but i think i just gotta get out of the school and start livin my life again and i'll b fine. idk


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Its getting kinda hard.....

Here's wats happening. in a nutshell...met a girl, became friends with girl, started 2 like girl, now is infatuated with girl, and feelings grow stronger 4 girl. i REEEEEAAALLLY like her, i really do. but i guess im afraid 2 fall 4 her [even tho i am] bcuz we're n 2 diff states and if i did grow 2 love her it would b hard 4 me 2b like that [being so far away]. idk man. its like i knw it'll b weird but ive never turned down a challenge. im willing 2 risk my feelings [and ramoan dont always do that]. idk i guess i'll just have 2 c wat happens. cuz i thought after my last relationship that i was never gonna find some1 better...i did. and i couldnt have asked 4 anything else. OUCH! i can feel my heart forming inside my metal chest! lol

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tryna find where my mind and my hearts @

Watup watup humans.
as ya'll know ive got a new girl n my life. YAY [ppl cheering]. and ive gotten really close 2 her. i couldnt have asked 4 anyone better. @ 1st it was a friendship...then i started 2 like im infatuated....and who knows wats next. all of my friends ask me "yo how can u like someone and feel like that when ya'll dont even live n the same state?" and @ 1st i was like yeah u rite. but after awhile i stopped caring. cuz it kinda makes us "unique" in a way. i just dont think about the distance. honestly when we talk i 4get how far away she is and it feels like i can walk down the block 2 her. but we joke around cuz we know we're far and she'll go "can u bring me some ice cream?" and i go "yeah. lemme fly it over real quick. wat kind?" lol. SHE"S SO COOL! =)
im happy im about 2 graduate and the line is really successful cuz now i can travel like i want 2 whenever i want 2 and so like distance wouldnt really b a factor. lemme b honest with all of my blogger family........I really want her as my woman, my ms. robotnic. idk. =)

Friday, April 24, 2009


i just wanted 2 let ya'll know...


50th POST!

Cool beans! the Robotic Thoughts blog has made it 2 its 50th post! im really proud and thankful 4 every1 who supports and reads the posts. and thank 4 all of the advice and watnot. it means alot 2 me.

i wish all of u "Qapla' batlh je" [klingon 4 success and honor]

Step ya'll Klingon up Humans! lol

Definition of a REAL man....

this 1 is 4 ALL of the ladies on the planet. Im the type of dude thats decsribed n this list. And this is the kinda of dudes all girls DESERVE 2 have. But girls nowadays act like they dont know wat a real man is so 2 help ya'll here's a list. and dudes pay attention also. this is how u SHOULD B!

1. a person is honest with himself b4 he's honest with others
2. a humble guy, He makes mistakes but he's ALWAYS prepared 2 fix them
3. the type of guy that wont treat his girl like 1 of his dudes
4. the type that will fight 4 his woman, even when he's weak 4rm the battle
5. sensitive but hard @ the sametime
6. He meets u halfway in a relationship
7. a guy who can b around temptation and not b dumb enuff 2 fall 4 it.
8. strong, even when his girl isnt.
9. always tryna make his woman feel better. cuz he hates 2 c her unhappy or sick
10. the guy who fixes his flaws b4 pointing out his girls
11. the person who never tries 2b someone he's not
12. a guy who would drop watever he's doin 2b by her side
13. a guy who puts his woman b4 anyone else
14. the man who even when he breaks up with a girl, he's always gonna b there 2 help her when she needs it.
15. a guy who aint afraid 2 tell how he feels, not afraid 2 show he loves and cares

a real man is me....

I have 2 sit back and laugh

Ive gotten 2 a point where idc about anything negative and ive been on a roll. but u know when u got that ONE person that can like ALMOST get under ur skin.....ALMOST! lol
BUT im not gonna give them the joy of making me upset u wanna know y?.....CUZ ROBOTS DONT HAVE EMOTIONS [my new shirt! check out the store] Except 4 my Cookiebaby. if i get mad and ish id b making those ppl happy and give them wat they want....AINT HAPPENING! lol. imma do me and live my life rite and 2 the fullest, and sit back and watch those few make their mistakes. and I...will laugh! but enuff on that subject. ive given them 2 much attention.

I MISS MY COOKIE! its felt so weird not having her be the 1st person that i talk 2 n the morning. U wanna know something...i sleep sooooo good @ nite when i talk 2 her. she's like my....Nyquil. lol

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Man i went out skateboarding [got some new trucks] and that pollen is whoppin my ass! like yo this isnt even cool. i took some medicine and its knocking me out like an ALI fight! lol
im bout 2 lay down. my throat hurts so if u want me txt me. but i'll prolly b txtin the cookiebaby so if ur not THAT important then i mite not txt back. Damn im mean. lol

alrighty ya'll
Im OUTTY5000 [again]

Oh b4 i go....



Yo Kanye....this verse hit me pretty deep

"We Lost A Four Leaf CloverDont Ask My Shorty Be OverNews Flash Shorty We OverWe Like Def Jam & HovaWe Like Bobby & WhitneyExcept Without The KiddiesJust Like Pamela Anderson's CareerExcept Without The TittesWe Had Some Good Times Didn't WeI Know I Won't Forget ThatBut We Had Some Bad Times &That's Time I Wish I Could Get BackBut I Love You I Can't Let GoNow I Just I Just Don't KnowYou Been Around Me Long EnoughTo Know That Now It's Over."

From John Legend's "It's Over" feat Kanye West

Plans 4 2maro....

Nada Damn thing! lmao. im not getting dressed up 2maro. i will definitely b rockin my skater look. i will b wearing 2 extra small white tees[i wear 2 just becuz] , my khaki whiteboys, my rosary, pocket chain, and my vans [green 1's]. Oh and im bringing my board [going skating 2maro] so i will be Uber Comfortable. This week has been going sooo good. im going 2 school witout a care n the world everyday. I gots ma steelo back. and thats thanxs 2 the infamous cookie =^] ppl are starting 2 realize that idc about wat they say, think, or assume about me. so it feels good.


Im Outty5000

Lemme Let Ya'll Know Wats Happening

Hey guys, Umm....evryone has been asking me "Ok, Ramoan, a few days ago u were like upset, depressed, sad, and all of that. But like all of a sudden ur UberHappy. Wats wit the change?" Well its simple. its like i told ya'll a few posts back, im @ a point where i dont have time 4 negativity. ive spent the last few months off my life stressed out, confused, and upset. i just made a choice that i gotta get them months back. i still have a life 2 live @ the end of the day. Lately certain ppl [not naming names cuz its not a big deal] have been saying things that....they think will upset me but ui just wanted 2 let them and the world know. IF U HAVE ANYTHING BAD 2 SAY ABOUT ME.....THATS COOL! bcuz im not wasting my time tryna argue and fight with ppl. its not worth it. idc anymore. if ur n my life and ur all about supporting me, being a friend, being positive....then i care about u and im glad ur n my life. If ur somebody who doesnt hae anything good 2 say and ur not here 2 support me, be a friend, and be positive, then u can....see ya later, ala vista baby, so long sucka, bon voyage, dont let the doorknob hit ya where the good lord split ya, adios, arivrerderchy, kick rocks, and good ridence! cuz i dnt have time 4 it. Cookie im glad that u and i met. u've been able 2 put the smile on my face that ive needed 4 months. and i really appreciate it. i really do.
my life is getting ready 2 hit the current and imma float 2 the top ao im cutting off all the dead weight cuz im not gonna let anything hold me back.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

I ended off the day.....

PERFECT! 2day was a UberDope Day! i woke up, cooked [mmmmm], went 2 church [got my pray on], came home, chilled, got n the lab and busted out 3 new designs, and i talked 2 me new partner-n-crime "Cookie" [insider]. 2day was good, cant complain. u knw wat.....starting 2maro, im not letting anything worry me. watever happens happens. i cant say it enuff. like 2maro everyone will c a new me. a me thats living 4 himself, and only himself. 2day i met someone who showed me that happiness doesnt come with strings attached. Thanx Cookie. lol
i feel really good!


2day has been a really good day. ive been n the lab designing. [got some hot stuff 2 show ya'll] and i just decided that 2day i wasnt gonna let anything bother me. im just living 2day like i havent n a long time. no more tryna manipulate life. im going with the jerry curl juice n an afro. LMAO as u can tell im really happy 2day. so ima just chill 4 the rest of the day. and make the best out of everything. WATEVER HAPPENS HAPPENS! thats wat i live by now.

Im outty5000!

Just some thoughts

umm...its really early. couldnt sleep last nite had alot on my mind. [ya'll already know]. i tried not 2 think about it but i couldnt help it. but it was all good. i didnt go 2 bed til 3 and then woke up @ like 7. idk but 2day i woke up with this feelin that 2day alot of good stuff was gonna happen, that alot of stuff that ive been dealing with will b solved and i'll b happy again. but we'll c. yesterday was....eventful 2 say the least. but im not gonna speak on that. umm...wat else happened. im back 2 work on the line. ive neglected it far 2 long [but i neglected it 4 the rite person] but im back and 2day imma go 2 church [got some stuff 2 pray about] and then i mite go out 2 eat with a friend, then im back @ home n the lab.

this is random but "have u ever had a dream about seeing urself without a certain someone, and when u woke up ur stomach just hurt?" just asking....

i keep having this dream where my life is perfect, my clothing line is international. im married, have 2 kids, and im living the perfect's the weird part, my wife and kids are both faceless. idk wat it means....but i wanna find out so if anyone out there is good with dreams then hit me up and let me know wat u think.

but i gotta go and take my mind off of this....
the ish i said yesterday...i didnt mean it all but, like i think it had 2 happen
we had 2 just take off the gloves and duke it out. this mite sound weird but after we duked it out and calmed down, i felt like i loved u more than b4. like everything just went out the window. b4 we had the fight i couldnt c the "lite @ the end of the tunnel" but after....i could. but idk. i hate u but i love u. someone said 2 me yesterday "i bet u wish u never met her" and, im glad i did. bcuz just imagine my life if i hadnt.

one more question [these questions im asking r 4 everyone]
have u ever loved someone so bad that u KNEW 10000000% that no one on the planet would love them as much as u do?

i kinda feel that way but idk.

ive searched 4 perfection......but have i found it yet?

lmao. she said i was crazy. and she's rite 2 a crazy about her- pharrell

Saturday, April 18, 2009


so i was rite. so now the question is............

wait 4 it........

its coming..........

oooo a nickel...........

What would i have 2 do 2 get a fresh start? start 4rm scratch? square 1? the jump?
the ska-dizzly? ground zero? the alpha?

cuz someone helped me c that everything thats happening is not 2 separate us....but 2 make us stronger, so when in the future something comes up...we would have already gotten thru the hard stuff and we would b able 2 deal wit it with no problem.
most couples go thru this late n their relationship and they dont knw how 2 deal with it.

we're going thru it now so that in the future we'll b good, strong, and experienced.

cuz fyi...i still read the dream u had when im just chillin...i want that

this morning was....crazy

basically there were awhole buncha emotions flyin around and no 1 could control it.
but i felt like we got somewhere. i just started being real wit her. and i think there were 3 problems b/w us.

1. we both had our guard up and wouldnt let it down.

2. neither 1 of us trusted each other.

3. we had alot of pin up frustration inside that needed 2 b let out.

if im wrong hit me up and let me knw.

but i hope we can b 2gether again...hope.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thank All Of Ya'll

I just wanna thank everyone who's been supporting me thru alot of my tuff times. ima get thru em. i just need time. And YES! i will continue on the line. I got 300 txt messages beggin me not 2 sell the line so i went and got the company back. so.....ROBOTIC INFANTRY LIVES!!!!!lol
i need a new txt buddy so some1 hit me up and lets txt it up!
i need a new friend 2 talk 2.

How I feel rite now........

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

He's gotta die.....

2day....has 2 b the worst day of my life. i fucked up....again. and this time it looks like theres no return but i cant quit. over time ive become some1 who has hurt some1 special, lied to them, and just all around disrespected them. Ive become some1 who i dont even recognize when i look n the mirror. ive become some1 who has ruined the only relationship that meant anything 2 me. and that person has 2 die.....RITE NOW! he has 2. im doing things that i never do. things that i pride myself on not doin. that me has 2 die. cuz ive lost her, and rite now im disgusted with myself. i wanna die rite now. but 2nite im sittin down and im going back 2 the "old me". the guy who loves her, would die 4 her, who wouldnt do anything 2 hurt her. i have 2, without her i feel.....empty.

her and i made so much progress, i felt like we really mite go back out. butthen i saw something online that made me question all of that. and instead of doin the smart thing and talkin 2 her about it i just kept it inside and bottled it up. and then some1 came around and said wat i wanted 2 hear and i played into it. i told this other girl that i loved her and i called her mama. even tho we only talked 4 2 days. i said that bcuz i wanted 2 know it was tru from the girl who i love. i called that girl mama cuz the girl i love was on my mind the whole time (sounds like bs). i love her so much, and i have 2 go back 2 being the me that she fell n love with. i have 2 get her back. i have 2.


have u ever been happy, aggitated, calm, and bummed all @ the sametime?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Mmk my day so far......

lets c....i opened up the ROBOTIC INFANTRY PROMO SHOP day! uberexcited!, 2day was a ubergood day with kimi, i still love her and i can feel the love aka flame building b/w us again which is puttin me n a uberfantastic mood. and i graduate in 4 weeks! So my day went UBERSUPERDUPERD! yessir! with all the success that comes with the line i realized who i wanna take 4 the ride as my girl (of course my family is comin) but i want......u guessed it. Kimi 2 take that ride wit me. i wanna spoil her and experience the high life wit her. but we'll c. but anywho.....2day was UBERSUPERDUPERDBLAMTASTIC! LMAO

LOVE U KIMI....and lookin @ it. (insider) lol

Sunday, April 12, 2009

So as a wrap up....

my spring break was UberDope. I had a really good time. i shopped 4 college (gotta new wardrope), i ate...allday lol, i got my rest, and i made some of the biggest moves with the line ever. WE'RE GOING GLOBAL!!!! and most importantly i got closer 2 MY girl...or @ least i think i did? cant say 4 sure, only time will tell. but im ready 2 get back a knock out these last few weeks and start my real life. 1st thing im doin after not a goin 2 NY, LONDON, CALI, JAPAN, AND BACK HOME all BACK 2 BACK! im dead serious. ive been saving up 4 this 4 years. its my "FASHION CRASH COURSE" trip and i cant wait. i wanna take some1 wit me. but idk. umm im bout 2 go and skate and i'll hit ya'll up later.
kimi i love u and i miss u.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

My day...

Was uberdope. i talked 2 my girl all day, my dads bday was ballin (bought him a gucci watch), i felt good, and im getting ready 4 our 1st photoshoot. my day was hella good. umm...ima b n the lab 4 a min i got some stuff 2 do but i'll hit ya'll up 2maro. after church. love yall

kimi i love mechanical heart beats 4 u.

love u world...oh and fast and the furious was DOPE AS HELL!

im outty 5000 catch u on the flipside

here's wat it is (4kimi)

mmk. look. point blank ur upset @ me. i understand. when wat happened on the phone yesterday happened wit greg. i was upset cuz u was upset and i ripped 4 to 5 more holes n his ass. cuz 1 thing i dnt play wit is the time i get wit ma woman. if some1 (no matter who it is) fucks with the time i get 2 talk or spend wit ma woman im spazz out on them. period. yesterday sucked ass cuz i knew u were mad @ me. i worked on ur shirt all day and it didnt go well cuz i was stressin about u. i knw sometimes u gon b mad @ me, and sometimes ima b mad @ u, but i dnt want us 2 not talk. that jus throws ma mind outta wack. i feel like ive made alot of progress wit us this week and i dnt wanna ruin that. im sorry and i love u
so hopefully u 4give me. i chewed his ass out and he sorry 2. lol
hopefully u ht me up 2day if u wanna talk. this is kinda cheesy but i like the song. and u asked me wat song reminds me of u....this is it.....


sucked! it was going pretty well i guess @ 1st, then EVERYTHING got screwed up. im not gonna get into detail but when i say everything i mean EVERYTHING! i tried 2 make the best of all the situations goin on but it all sucked. my mind was thrown outta wack, i couldnt focus, and i was upset. and 2 top it all off...bcuz of a certain situation i couldnt sleep @ all last nite.

4 that sistauion i wanna say:

"im sorry how everything went down yesterday and last nite. there's not a moment that im alive that i dont wanna talk 2 u. ur voice makes my days better. i couldnt talk last nite cuz i lost ma voice, i got in2 an argument wit the dude that kinda started everything yesterday. i didnt want u 2 hear me like that. i dnt like u hearing me when im sick and stuff. last nite i couldnt sleep @ all cuz the last time we talked u were mad @ me. i dnt want 2 ruin the last few days we've had cuz they've been perfect (other than the fact that i didnt get 2 c u) im sorry and i hope u 4give me and we can keep wat we've had. i miss u sooooo damn bad its not even funny."

Friday, April 10, 2009

U knw wat?

FUCK THAT! lemme slap myself. SMACK! lol
yes the fuck i can. if i cant climb over the brick wall
i gotta stop sellin myself short. and start lookin @ the bigger picture


Damn i really cant do it can i?

inner thoughts

i knw i knw i aint supposed 2b on. but i cant help
but wonder. i keep asking myself these questions
and i dnt have the answer 2 them.......

n its relly starting 2 get 2 me. cuz im looking 4 the RITE
answers but i feel like im jus giving myself these bullshit responses.
basically im tellin myself wat i WANNA hear. but i gotta stop doin
that. i need 2b real with myself.

cuz i also dnt think it was just workin hard that got me sick. i think it was that and the fact that i gots some "inner issues" that i need 2 work out with myself.

have i reached a brick wall that not even i can climb over?

i freakin hate hospitals

man i hated that ish so much. i hate being in there cuz u just b feelin helpless. and i always be tryna make sure other ppl well (kimi) and i 4get 2 take care of myself. but i guess thats just how much love i got 4 others (kimi lol)
but yeah point blank.....THAT ISH SUCKED!

but im home now and feelin a lil weak but im good.
and kimi yes 2 let u knw i kept reading the dream that u had over and over. it made me feel better.
i'll have 2 tell u abt the dream/movie i had last nite. (theres a part 2 to the "part" that i didnt finish)

Im outty 5000 ya'll im goin 2 eat and sleep.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


lemme do some investigative work cuz im kinda confuzzled

Street Dreams the movie

MMK. i was watch Fantasy Factory [dope show] on MTV and Rob showed a movie called "Street Dreams" and it looked pretty fire. but i thought it was just a lil independent film but i found out that its a real movie comin out in theaters. yes...its a skate movie, not a skate mixtape. Also its got cameos from TERRY KENNEDY, ROB DYRDEK, RYAN SHECKLER, AND PAUL RODRIQUEZ! Check out the trailer

Find more videos like this on Street Dreams Movie


Of Course wit out the bald head. lmao

Yo we gon b like this 1 day mama........

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yo i Hate her/ I love her.......

Ya'll already know who im talkin about. lol yes im talkin about kimi.
look imma put it like this, in a nutshell. No matter how mad i make her no matter how mad she makes me, imma always come back 2 her. we have a love/hate relationship and i think thats wat makes us strong 2gether. we both b tryna act like we dnt care but we really do. this is the 1st relationship ive been in where both ppl n the relationship r alpha beings. sometimes its annoying cuz its like being with myself but most of the times its really cool. the thing about kimi that i like is that no matter what she always got ma back and she always there. and she not like other girls, other chicks turn into robocops and everything they do is....expected. like i knw kimi and how she is but everyday is something new i never get bored. basically.......i love her

So a run-down of yesterday

Watup humans. so my day started off pretty slow cuz i wasnt feelin good. but i got in the lab and started designing and busted out like 30 dope designs. So the womens line is coming along pretty well. but that best part of my day was that i talked 2 her yesterday and check this.....NOT 1 ARGUMENT! GASP! it was uber cool. it reminded me of when we 1st started off and everything was perfect so im working on getting that back. and i did not know she was a beast when it came 2 designing! she was droppin dope design ideas all day. I think i found my wife and employee. lol
but i had a all round good ass day. so imma head back n the lab 2day 4 a min and get a few more designs out ma noggin.

im outty 5000. ill post again round noon

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Damn Yo!

Ive been working 4 about 30 minutes and ive already knocked out 6 designs that are ready 2b put out. im in hyperdrive rite now and the ideas jus keep flowin.
ima keep going 4 a few more hours b4 ma friends come over. y am i cooking 4 these fools?! lmao. but anyways, lemme keep working. and i gotta clear my mind cuz i got alot going on and im upset abt something. ill post some of the designs on the other blog around 1 b4 i go out. Going shopping 2 get some clothes 2 go wit ma new YEEZYS! biyatches. lmao but ill b postin all day 2day.
im OUTTY 5000 pew pew (space noise)

not feelin 2 hot 2day

watup ppl. not feelin 2 spazzy 2day, last nite was weird. awhole buncha atuff happened. but 2day should b good. ima go nd cook (yes robots can cook) last nite i realized y i love her sooo much. and it helped me realize y im still fightin 4 her. idk man, ma life is confusing...or i think i MAKE it confusing. but anyways, 2day i'll b in the lab bustin out mad designs 2day. ima have 35 pieces 2 the womens line by 12 noon...Yeah, im going hard.

YOOOO i had a dream that i was married and had was VERY interesting!

Calm down (u knw who im talkin 2) the woman in my dreams was faceless! so dont b jumpin no guns!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Im not giving up....EVER!

Oh i 4got!

Ma admissions advisor @ the art institute is SEXY AS HELL! and she's young, smart, beautiful...etc etc. i was tryinmad hard 2 not flirt wit her but i couldnt resist.
she had me Jumpin out tha WINDOOOOWWWWW! lmao
so i guess...Shout out 2 Ms. Taversha (the r is silent lol) Good Looks

AHHH...sigh of relief

So im feelin pretty damn good 2day. everything has been goin pretty well.
other than the fact that everyonr on the planet is txtin me. lol
but its cool tho. im talkin 2 the jadester irte now...and we aint talkin about nothing important. but its cool. ummm....last nite was interesting 2 say the least. im like seriously runnin on autopilot rite now. and i dnt knw y, i guess its cuz im tired of humans in general. but hey the mothership will be here n awhile. lol
i started a list of things i look 4 n a woman and im seeing who my description matches up 2. its ma bro's idea. so we'll c who is the match when im done

Saturday, April 4, 2009



Friday, April 3, 2009


I gotta question...........

My day so far....

Watup humans. so how's ma day been u ask?
well its been pretty good. its the day of spring break, im feelin good (other than this lil headache), i passed my project 4 brit lit...cuz imma beast ass lyricist, and i get piznaid 2day. havent had any dwns....yet. but knowing my luck, something HAS 2 go wrong. but 2day im not letting anything knock me. no matter wat it is. the gift i got 4 her came n the mail 2day...hope she likes it. and my friend is in town 2day. so im goin out nd having some fun. is treating ya robotic boy pretty well. dnt F%#@s wit ma mood 2day! lol

I Wonder

If i.....
but then.....
will i.......
what if she.....
will that mean........
should i........
or should i............
could we...........

damn idk! lmao


(thinkin about something)

Guess What?......

She kissed me the other day.........

ah he he he he (diabolical laugh)

So Am I Making Progress....?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

LOL...i just have 2 say this

LMAO! mmk i just listened 2 a diddy song and i this line goes 2 how i feel rite now.

"Cant stop wont stop" lmao!

Work wit me......


check this out. im confused. cuz im doin everything i knw 2 do but it doesnt seem like im making....progress.

u said that im not makin u wanna come back (that statement had me confuzzled)

so since wat im doin aint working (dnt knw y) i want U 2 tell me wat i need 2 do.


work wit me here. cuz if this is gon work u gon have 2 throw me a line instead of jus havin me doin stuff that aint gon work. help me out here

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


who woulda thunk. after all of these years i never thought that this would happen. its unexpected but im happy about it. God u must b showin me something that i shoulda seen along time ago. hmmm....should i? im feelin like yes but idk. it feels rite tho. nd everybody i knw says that they knew it was gonna happen and that it was inevitable...

lemme just picture this in my mind.....
im liking wat im seeing.
thats going 4 it. Hyperdrive Activated! J.R.3012

Opening up my heart

umm last nite Kimitria (the girl who WILL b my girl) got mad @ me cuz she thought that i was tryna make her look like the bad guy 2 ya'll. im rele not. if any1 is the bad guy it was me. kimitria was that girl that i would go 2 bed @ nite and anticipate seeing her n the morning. she made all of my problems go away. she was there 4 me when i didnt have nobody else. i loved her...i love her. but i fucked up. i wasnt honest with her. point blank...i wasnt. and after it happened i realized how stupid it was 4 me 2 do wat i did. its been 2 months since we broke up and its been the worst 2 months ever. it hurts, cuz i lost her and i want her back, and she has another dude. so yeah @ this point im dying on the inside. alot of ya'll understand where im comin from. and some of u dnt. kimi not only made me fall in love with her but she made me love her more than i love myself. she made me believe that everything i did was good. nd i guess this part is 4 her.

kimi, alot of times God puts good things in ur life and takes them away 2 c how far u'll go and how hard u'll fight 2 get it back. and thats wat i think he's doin now. he wants 2 c how hard i'll fight and how far i'll go 2 getchu back. and im willin 2 go as far as i have 2 go. now yea, im tryna take u away frm ur dude. but this is a case where i cant let another dude have my blessing. i knw 4giving me is hard cuz i did something u didnt think i would do. but i want u 2 imagine me on 1 knee. asking u 2 4give me. ur my world, my inspiration, my dream, my mama. nd i cnt let u go. i feen 4 ur kiss, i yern 4 ur hugs, i dream abt ur sex(even though we've never done the huckabuck) ur everything i want in more in a girl. i dnt knw ur dude. but i can tell u that i'll love u like he'll never imagine loving u. and im not saying that in disrespect. i can fulfill all of ur needs, emotionally, physically, spiritually, every way. ur like the only girl i would have a baby wit. 2b my wife. im askin u 2 jus sit dwn nd think abt a future with us 2gether and how good it would b. then imagine a future wit no us. i like the 2st option. im askin 4 u back. lets start off fresh. like we said we cnt change the past but we can fix our future. lets fix our future and start off fresh and let me mend the hurt that i caused. lemme b ur man. this time lay dwn the law and give me guidelines so that i dnt make mistakes. show me boundaries. nd i swear 2 u on 1 knee that u'll never hurt again. u'll never not trust me. im askin u....jus think abt it. make me whole again

Monday, March 30, 2009


I knw ur upset abt ur dress and watnot but u gotta cheer up. U were supposed 2 have a dress 10 times better than that 1. u need a dress 2 match u, so it has 2b...perfect. ill try 2 cheer u up (within my limitations). 1st off u knw i love u. always have...always will. u mean alot 2 me and.....enuff wit this lubby dubby stuff (u dnt wanna hear that) watch this video, its stupid but it'll make u laugh hopefully far

2day has been pretty good. im comin off a good weekend so 2day i was n a good mood. i got 2 talk 2 ma good friend jada (havent talked 2 her n awhile). over the weekend i kinda came to the conclusion that all the "girl issues" that ive been havin arent that important anymore. i gotta stop stressin over stuff thats not gona happen. im jus goin wit the flow now, if it happens it happens, if it dont....o well idc. i love her. i really do but i have no desire 2b this sideline dude waiting 2 get into the game. That aint happening. i still hope we go back out cuz she hasnt realized that we would b perfect 2gether but i cant force her 2 c that. its kinda messed up tho cuz she gave her last dude a 2nd chance but wit me it was like 1 strike and i was out. but i quess that means that i want it more than she does. alot of girls have been coming out and tellin me that they like me, and some old romances have been sparking again but we'll c how everything plays out........


Dr. Robotnic

New blog....

Watup humans. Its me Dr. Robotnic, and yes i got another blog. this 1 is different tho. i wanna start separating my personal life from my business life. so this blog is all about my personal life. The girl troubles, school drama, and so on and so on. i wont b holdin back either. imma say wat i feel and i dnt care who doesnt like it.

so....welcome 2 Robotic Thoughts.