Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Plans 4 2maro....

Nada Damn thing! lmao. im not getting dressed up 2maro. i will definitely b rockin my skater look. i will b wearing 2 extra small white tees[i wear 2 just becuz] , my khaki whiteboys, my rosary, pocket chain, and my vans [green 1's]. Oh and im bringing my board [going skating 2maro] so i will be Uber Comfortable. This week has been going sooo good. im going 2 school witout a care n the world everyday. I gots ma steelo back. and thats thanxs 2 the infamous cookie =^] ppl are starting 2 realize that idc about wat they say, think, or assume about me. so it feels good.


Im Outty5000

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