Wednesday, April 8, 2009

So a run-down of yesterday

Watup humans. so my day started off pretty slow cuz i wasnt feelin good. but i got in the lab and started designing and busted out like 30 dope designs. So the womens line is coming along pretty well. but that best part of my day was that i talked 2 her yesterday and check this.....NOT 1 ARGUMENT! GASP! it was uber cool. it reminded me of when we 1st started off and everything was perfect so im working on getting that back. and i did not know she was a beast when it came 2 designing! she was droppin dope design ideas all day. I think i found my wife and employee. lol
but i had a all round good ass day. so imma head back n the lab 2day 4 a min and get a few more designs out ma noggin.

im outty 5000. ill post again round noon

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