Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yo i Hate her/ I love her.......

Ya'll already know who im talkin about. lol yes im talkin about kimi.
look imma put it like this, in a nutshell. No matter how mad i make her no matter how mad she makes me, imma always come back 2 her. we have a love/hate relationship and i think thats wat makes us strong 2gether. we both b tryna act like we dnt care but we really do. this is the 1st relationship ive been in where both ppl n the relationship r alpha beings. sometimes its annoying cuz its like being with myself but most of the times its really cool. the thing about kimi that i like is that no matter what she always got ma back and she always there. and she not like other girls, other chicks turn into robocops and everything they do is....expected. like i knw kimi and how she is but everyday is something new i never get bored. basically.......i love her

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