Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just some thoughts

umm...its really early. couldnt sleep last nite had alot on my mind. [ya'll already know]. i tried not 2 think about it but i couldnt help it. but it was all good. i didnt go 2 bed til 3 and then woke up @ like 7. idk but 2day i woke up with this feelin that 2day alot of good stuff was gonna happen, that alot of stuff that ive been dealing with will b solved and i'll b happy again. but we'll c. yesterday was....eventful 2 say the least. but im not gonna speak on that. umm...wat else happened. im back 2 work on the line. ive neglected it far 2 long [but i neglected it 4 the rite person] but im back and 2day imma go 2 church [got some stuff 2 pray about] and then i mite go out 2 eat with a friend, then im back @ home n the lab.

this is random but "have u ever had a dream about seeing urself without a certain someone, and when u woke up ur stomach just hurt?" just asking....

i keep having this dream where my life is perfect, my clothing line is international. im married, have 2 kids, and im living the perfect's the weird part, my wife and kids are both faceless. idk wat it means....but i wanna find out so if anyone out there is good with dreams then hit me up and let me know wat u think.

but i gotta go and take my mind off of this....
the ish i said yesterday...i didnt mean it all but, like i think it had 2 happen
we had 2 just take off the gloves and duke it out. this mite sound weird but after we duked it out and calmed down, i felt like i loved u more than b4. like everything just went out the window. b4 we had the fight i couldnt c the "lite @ the end of the tunnel" but after....i could. but idk. i hate u but i love u. someone said 2 me yesterday "i bet u wish u never met her" and, im glad i did. bcuz just imagine my life if i hadnt.

one more question [these questions im asking r 4 everyone]
have u ever loved someone so bad that u KNEW 10000000% that no one on the planet would love them as much as u do?

i kinda feel that way but idk.

ive searched 4 perfection......but have i found it yet?

lmao. she said i was crazy. and she's rite 2 a crazy about her- pharrell

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