Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Damn Yo!

Ive been working 4 about 30 minutes and ive already knocked out 6 designs that are ready 2b put out. im in hyperdrive rite now and the ideas jus keep flowin.
ima keep going 4 a few more hours b4 ma friends come over. y am i cooking 4 these fools?! lmao. but anyways, lemme keep working. and i gotta clear my mind cuz i got alot going on and im upset abt something. ill post some of the designs on the other blog around 1 b4 i go out. Going shopping 2 get some clothes 2 go wit ma new YEEZYS! biyatches. lmao but ill b postin all day 2day.
im OUTTY 5000 pew pew (space noise)

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