Monday, April 6, 2009

AHHH...sigh of relief

So im feelin pretty damn good 2day. everything has been goin pretty well.
other than the fact that everyonr on the planet is txtin me. lol
but its cool tho. im talkin 2 the jadester irte now...and we aint talkin about nothing important. but its cool. ummm....last nite was interesting 2 say the least. im like seriously runnin on autopilot rite now. and i dnt knw y, i guess its cuz im tired of humans in general. but hey the mothership will be here n awhile. lol
i started a list of things i look 4 n a woman and im seeing who my description matches up 2. its ma bro's idea. so we'll c who is the match when im done

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