Friday, April 24, 2009

I have 2 sit back and laugh

Ive gotten 2 a point where idc about anything negative and ive been on a roll. but u know when u got that ONE person that can like ALMOST get under ur skin.....ALMOST! lol
BUT im not gonna give them the joy of making me upset u wanna know y?.....CUZ ROBOTS DONT HAVE EMOTIONS [my new shirt! check out the store] Except 4 my Cookiebaby. if i get mad and ish id b making those ppl happy and give them wat they want....AINT HAPPENING! lol. imma do me and live my life rite and 2 the fullest, and sit back and watch those few make their mistakes. and I...will laugh! but enuff on that subject. ive given them 2 much attention.

I MISS MY COOKIE! its felt so weird not having her be the 1st person that i talk 2 n the morning. U wanna know something...i sleep sooooo good @ nite when i talk 2 her. she's like my....Nyquil. lol

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