Sunday, April 12, 2009

So as a wrap up....

my spring break was UberDope. I had a really good time. i shopped 4 college (gotta new wardrope), i ate...allday lol, i got my rest, and i made some of the biggest moves with the line ever. WE'RE GOING GLOBAL!!!! and most importantly i got closer 2 MY girl...or @ least i think i did? cant say 4 sure, only time will tell. but im ready 2 get back a knock out these last few weeks and start my real life. 1st thing im doin after not a goin 2 NY, LONDON, CALI, JAPAN, AND BACK HOME all BACK 2 BACK! im dead serious. ive been saving up 4 this 4 years. its my "FASHION CRASH COURSE" trip and i cant wait. i wanna take some1 wit me. but idk. umm im bout 2 go and skate and i'll hit ya'll up later.
kimi i love u and i miss u.

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