Monday, April 13, 2009

Mmk my day so far......

lets c....i opened up the ROBOTIC INFANTRY PROMO SHOP day! uberexcited!, 2day was a ubergood day with kimi, i still love her and i can feel the love aka flame building b/w us again which is puttin me n a uberfantastic mood. and i graduate in 4 weeks! So my day went UBERSUPERDUPERD! yessir! with all the success that comes with the line i realized who i wanna take 4 the ride as my girl (of course my family is comin) but i want......u guessed it. Kimi 2 take that ride wit me. i wanna spoil her and experience the high life wit her. but we'll c. but anywho.....2day was UBERSUPERDUPERDBLAMTASTIC! LMAO

LOVE U KIMI....and lookin @ it. (insider) lol

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