Friday, April 24, 2009

Definition of a REAL man....

this 1 is 4 ALL of the ladies on the planet. Im the type of dude thats decsribed n this list. And this is the kinda of dudes all girls DESERVE 2 have. But girls nowadays act like they dont know wat a real man is so 2 help ya'll here's a list. and dudes pay attention also. this is how u SHOULD B!

1. a person is honest with himself b4 he's honest with others
2. a humble guy, He makes mistakes but he's ALWAYS prepared 2 fix them
3. the type of guy that wont treat his girl like 1 of his dudes
4. the type that will fight 4 his woman, even when he's weak 4rm the battle
5. sensitive but hard @ the sametime
6. He meets u halfway in a relationship
7. a guy who can b around temptation and not b dumb enuff 2 fall 4 it.
8. strong, even when his girl isnt.
9. always tryna make his woman feel better. cuz he hates 2 c her unhappy or sick
10. the guy who fixes his flaws b4 pointing out his girls
11. the person who never tries 2b someone he's not
12. a guy who would drop watever he's doin 2b by her side
13. a guy who puts his woman b4 anyone else
14. the man who even when he breaks up with a girl, he's always gonna b there 2 help her when she needs it.
15. a guy who aint afraid 2 tell how he feels, not afraid 2 show he loves and cares

a real man is me....

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