Tuesday, April 7, 2009

not feelin 2 hot 2day

watup ppl. well...im not feelin 2 spazzy 2day, last nite was weird. awhole buncha atuff happened. but 2day should b good. ima go nd cook (yes robots can cook) last nite i realized y i love her sooo much. and it helped me realize y im still fightin 4 her. idk man, ma life is confusing...or i think i MAKE it confusing. but anyways, 2day i'll b in the lab bustin out mad designs 2day. ima have 35 pieces 2 the womens line by 12 noon...Yeah, im going hard.

YOOOO i had a dream that i was married and had kids.....it was VERY interesting!

Calm down (u knw who im talkin 2) the woman in my dreams was faceless! so dont b jumpin no guns!

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