Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ignore it....

Mmk. as ya'll knw my ex and i have been separate 4 about 4ever and a day. ive been feeling pretty good cuz ive moved on....or @least i thought i did. here's the thing. i moved on, im currently involved with a girl that strait captivates me, and everything in my life is going pretty good. but i find myself being jealous of my ex talk, hugged up on, flirting with, and being with other dudes. Am i rite 4 feelin like that? yes i miss her. im not gonna front. but like i dont know y im jealous. i guess its cuz i have 2b around her everyday and i have 2 actually C her with the other guys. and i think VISUALLY im jealous but emotionally im not really. something that ive started 2 do is just ignore everything. if i c something that upsets me then i just turn away and divert my attention. most of the time it works. but sometimes it doesnt. but i think i just gotta get out of the school and start livin my life again and i'll b fine. idk


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  1. it happens, why because we're human and youre gonna be like damn she didnt let me do all that, thats cause now shes comfortable to do that with other people

    as i always say: dont get jealous of what i can do with you, my last boyfriend taught me that!!!! :)