Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Its getting kinda hard.....

Here's wats happening. in a nutshell...met a girl, became friends with girl, started 2 like girl, now is infatuated with girl, and feelings grow stronger 4 girl. i REEEEEAAALLLY like her, i really do. but i guess im afraid 2 fall 4 her [even tho i am] bcuz we're n 2 diff states and if i did grow 2 love her it would b hard 4 me 2b like that [being so far away]. idk man. its like i knw it'll b weird but ive never turned down a challenge. im willing 2 risk my feelings [and ramoan dont always do that]. idk i guess i'll just have 2 c wat happens. cuz i thought after my last relationship that i was never gonna find some1 better...i did. and i couldnt have asked 4 anything else. OUCH! i can feel my heart forming inside my metal chest! lol

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