Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tryna find where my mind and my hearts @

Watup watup humans.
as ya'll know ive got a new girl n my life. YAY [ppl cheering]. and ive gotten really close 2 her. i couldnt have asked 4 anyone better. @ 1st it was a friendship...then i started 2 like im infatuated....and who knows wats next. all of my friends ask me "yo how can u like someone and feel like that when ya'll dont even live n the same state?" and @ 1st i was like yeah u rite. but after awhile i stopped caring. cuz it kinda makes us "unique" in a way. i just dont think about the distance. honestly when we talk i 4get how far away she is and it feels like i can walk down the block 2 her. but we joke around cuz we know we're far and she'll go "can u bring me some ice cream?" and i go "yeah. lemme fly it over real quick. wat kind?" lol. SHE"S SO COOL! =)
im happy im about 2 graduate and the line is really successful cuz now i can travel like i want 2 whenever i want 2 and so like distance wouldnt really b a factor. lemme b honest with all of my blogger family........I really want her as my woman, my ms. robotnic. idk. =)

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