Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lemme Let Ya'll Know Wats Happening

Hey guys, Umm....evryone has been asking me "Ok, Ramoan, a few days ago u were like upset, depressed, sad, and all of that. But like all of a sudden ur UberHappy. Wats wit the change?" Well its simple. its like i told ya'll a few posts back, im @ a point where i dont have time 4 negativity. ive spent the last few months off my life stressed out, confused, and upset. i just made a choice that i gotta get them months back. i still have a life 2 live @ the end of the day. Lately certain ppl [not naming names cuz its not a big deal] have been saying things that....they think will upset me but ui just wanted 2 let them and the world know. IF U HAVE ANYTHING BAD 2 SAY ABOUT ME.....THATS COOL! bcuz im not wasting my time tryna argue and fight with ppl. its not worth it. idc anymore. if ur n my life and ur all about supporting me, being a friend, being positive....then i care about u and im glad ur n my life. If ur somebody who doesnt hae anything good 2 say and ur not here 2 support me, be a friend, and be positive, then u can....see ya later, ala vista baby, so long sucka, bon voyage, dont let the doorknob hit ya where the good lord split ya, adios, arivrerderchy, kick rocks, and good ridence! cuz i dnt have time 4 it. Cookie im glad that u and i met. u've been able 2 put the smile on my face that ive needed 4 months. and i really appreciate it. i really do.
my life is getting ready 2 hit the current and imma float 2 the top ao im cutting off all the dead weight cuz im not gonna let anything hold me back.


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