Saturday, April 11, 2009

here's wat it is (4kimi)

mmk. look. point blank ur upset @ me. i understand. when wat happened on the phone yesterday happened wit greg. i was upset cuz u was upset and i ripped 4 to 5 more holes n his ass. cuz 1 thing i dnt play wit is the time i get wit ma woman. if some1 (no matter who it is) fucks with the time i get 2 talk or spend wit ma woman im spazz out on them. period. yesterday sucked ass cuz i knew u were mad @ me. i worked on ur shirt all day and it didnt go well cuz i was stressin about u. i knw sometimes u gon b mad @ me, and sometimes ima b mad @ u, but i dnt want us 2 not talk. that jus throws ma mind outta wack. i feel like ive made alot of progress wit us this week and i dnt wanna ruin that. im sorry and i love u
so hopefully u 4give me. i chewed his ass out and he sorry 2. lol
hopefully u ht me up 2day if u wanna talk. this is kinda cheesy but i like the song. and u asked me wat song reminds me of u....this is it.....

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