Saturday, April 11, 2009


sucked! it was going pretty well i guess @ 1st, then EVERYTHING got screwed up. im not gonna get into detail but when i say everything i mean EVERYTHING! i tried 2 make the best of all the situations goin on but it all sucked. my mind was thrown outta wack, i couldnt focus, and i was upset. and 2 top it all off...bcuz of a certain situation i couldnt sleep @ all last nite.

4 that sistauion i wanna say:

"im sorry how everything went down yesterday and last nite. there's not a moment that im alive that i dont wanna talk 2 u. ur voice makes my days better. i couldnt talk last nite cuz i lost ma voice, i got in2 an argument wit the dude that kinda started everything yesterday. i didnt want u 2 hear me like that. i dnt like u hearing me when im sick and stuff. last nite i couldnt sleep @ all cuz the last time we talked u were mad @ me. i dnt want 2 ruin the last few days we've had cuz they've been perfect (other than the fact that i didnt get 2 c u) im sorry and i hope u 4give me and we can keep wat we've had. i miss u sooooo damn bad its not even funny."

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