Tuesday, March 31, 2009


who woulda thunk. after all of these years i never thought that this would happen. its unexpected but im happy about it. God u must b showin me something that i shoulda seen along time ago. hmmm....should i? im feelin like yes but idk. it feels rite tho. nd everybody i knw says that they knew it was gonna happen and that it was inevitable...

lemme just picture this in my mind.....
im liking wat im seeing.
thats it.....im going 4 it. Hyperdrive Activated! J.R.3012

Opening up my heart

umm last nite Kimitria (the girl who WILL b my girl) got mad @ me cuz she thought that i was tryna make her look like the bad guy 2 ya'll. im rele not. if any1 is the bad guy it was me. kimitria was that girl that i would go 2 bed @ nite and anticipate seeing her n the morning. she made all of my problems go away. she was there 4 me when i didnt have nobody else. i loved her...i love her. but i fucked up. i wasnt honest with her. point blank...i wasnt. and after it happened i realized how stupid it was 4 me 2 do wat i did. its been 2 months since we broke up and its been the worst 2 months ever. it hurts, cuz i lost her and i want her back, and she has another dude. so yeah @ this point im dying on the inside. alot of ya'll understand where im comin from. and some of u dnt. kimi not only made me fall in love with her but she made me love her more than i love myself. she made me believe that everything i did was good. nd i guess this part is 4 her.

kimi, alot of times God puts good things in ur life and takes them away 2 c how far u'll go and how hard u'll fight 2 get it back. and thats wat i think he's doin now. he wants 2 c how hard i'll fight and how far i'll go 2 getchu back. and im willin 2 go as far as i have 2 go. now yea, im tryna take u away frm ur dude. but this is a case where i cant let another dude have my blessing. i knw 4giving me is hard cuz i did something u didnt think i would do. but i want u 2 imagine me on 1 knee. asking u 2 4give me. ur my world, my inspiration, my dream, my mama. nd i cnt let u go. i feen 4 ur kiss, i yern 4 ur hugs, i dream abt ur sex(even though we've never done the huckabuck) ur everything i want in more in a girl. i dnt knw ur dude. but i can tell u that i'll love u like he'll never imagine loving u. and im not saying that in disrespect. i can fulfill all of ur needs, emotionally, physically, spiritually, every way. ur like the only girl i would have a baby wit. 2b my wife. im askin u 2 jus sit dwn nd think abt a future with us 2gether and how good it would b. then imagine a future wit no us. i like the 2st option. im askin 4 u back. lets start off fresh. like we said we cnt change the past but we can fix our future. lets fix our future and start off fresh and let me mend the hurt that i caused. lemme b ur man. this time lay dwn the law and give me guidelines so that i dnt make mistakes. show me boundaries. nd i swear 2 u on 1 knee that u'll never hurt again. u'll never not trust me. im askin u....jus think abt it. make me whole again

Monday, March 30, 2009


I knw ur upset abt ur dress and watnot but u gotta cheer up. U were supposed 2 have a dress 10 times better than that 1. u need a dress 2 match u, so it has 2b...perfect. ill try 2 cheer u up (within my limitations). 1st off u knw i love u. always have...always will. u mean alot 2 me and.....enuff wit this lubby dubby stuff (u dnt wanna hear that) watch this video, its stupid but it'll make u laugh hopefully

mmk...so far

2day has been pretty good. im comin off a good weekend so 2day i was n a good mood. i got 2 talk 2 ma good friend jada (havent talked 2 her n awhile). over the weekend i kinda came to the conclusion that all the "girl issues" that ive been havin arent that important anymore. i gotta stop stressin over stuff thats not gona happen. im jus goin wit the flow now, if it happens it happens, if it dont....o well idc. i love her. i really do but i have no desire 2b this sideline dude waiting 2 get into the game. That aint happening. i still hope we go back out cuz she hasnt realized that we would b perfect 2gether but i cant force her 2 c that. its kinda messed up tho cuz she gave her last dude a 2nd chance but wit me it was like 1 strike and i was out. but i quess that means that i want it more than she does. alot of girls have been coming out and tellin me that they like me, and some old romances have been sparking again but we'll c how everything plays out........


Dr. Robotnic

New blog....

Watup humans. Its me Dr. Robotnic, and yes i got another blog. this 1 is different tho. i wanna start separating my personal life from my business life. so this blog is all about my personal life. The girl troubles, school drama, and so on and so on. i wont b holdin back either. imma say wat i feel and i dnt care who doesnt like it.

so....welcome 2 Robotic Thoughts.