Monday, March 30, 2009 far

2day has been pretty good. im comin off a good weekend so 2day i was n a good mood. i got 2 talk 2 ma good friend jada (havent talked 2 her n awhile). over the weekend i kinda came to the conclusion that all the "girl issues" that ive been havin arent that important anymore. i gotta stop stressin over stuff thats not gona happen. im jus goin wit the flow now, if it happens it happens, if it dont....o well idc. i love her. i really do but i have no desire 2b this sideline dude waiting 2 get into the game. That aint happening. i still hope we go back out cuz she hasnt realized that we would b perfect 2gether but i cant force her 2 c that. its kinda messed up tho cuz she gave her last dude a 2nd chance but wit me it was like 1 strike and i was out. but i quess that means that i want it more than she does. alot of girls have been coming out and tellin me that they like me, and some old romances have been sparking again but we'll c how everything plays out........


Dr. Robotnic

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