Friday, May 1, 2009

Falling Hard and Fast

watup humans! like after my last relationship i told myself that i wasnt gonna do that love thing. that i was just gonna focus 100% on my line and not get involved with anyone. that went out the drain! lol i cant even help it. she's EVERYTHING that i coulda asked 4. its 2 the point where we talk everynite, and i cant sleep well unless im able 2 talk 2 her. i even stay on til she falls asleep cuz i feel comfortable knowing that she's good. so basically wat im tryna say is falling 4 her hard and fast


  1. your post are always great to read , but when you write about me it brings happiness to my life ! i love when you write about me *

  2. becareful bro this love shit ain't no joke i'm going through soome crazy mess now

  3. aww...i just blushed....
    you guys are sweet!!! lol