Sunday, May 3, 2009

Im kinda....confused so 2 speak

mmk. i really like her. like i REALLY like her. she'ss the dopest, funniest, cutest, smartest girl ever. she's really growing on me. i care about her. not like "hope u dont die" but like "i think about u all the time and i never want u 2 hurt" care. we talk everyday and nite. i even stay on til she's asleep. im.....falling n love with her...GASP i know. but yeah i am. after my x i tried 2 make sure that i would never fall 4 anyone again. but i cant help it. she's perfect. im just wondering if im falling 2 fast. idk. give me a sign. lol we'll i guess i just have 2 wait n c. I CANT WAIT 2 GO HOME 2 NY!!!

1 comment:

  1. honestly nothing is ever to fast, its up to that person to determine what exactly is right for them and im in a similar situation and the reason i believe this happens is because the freindship is strong and real and that makes everything oh so easy!
    so if youre falling in love, fall fool and hopefully she catches you!!!!