Friday, May 15, 2009

I wanna thank God 4.......

My parents, those 2 ppl get on my damn nerves but they've molded me n2 the man i am 2day

my siblings, we've had 10000's of adventures and ready 2 have 100000's more

Everyone thats been involved with my company

Blogger, myspace, facebook, the internet. it helped boom my biz

Cookie, u came outta nowhere and now mean more 2 me than any other girl

All of my teachers that had my back and looked out 4 me even when i wasnt looking after myself

my CLOSE friends, the 1's that were there 24/7 when i needed yall

i wanna thank God 4 my life, cuz u know that if Joan wouldnt have chosen 2 keep me that i wouldnt be here rite now and none of this would have happened.

preciate it God

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